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Fitness is a Tool. Learn How to Use It For Amazing Results!

Fitness is a Tool. Learn How to Use It For Amazing Results!

Fitness. Exercise. Working out. Training. Whatever you call it, it is a tool that can significantly improve your life in many ways! Improved strength, appearance, health, confidence, and more.

Much like a hammer, a saw, or a wrench, you must learn to use your tools first. This learning process means a lot of bent nails, ruined wood, stripped bolt heads, and a fair amount of swearing and frustration. Maybe a few band aids as well. Nothing wrong with that, mistakes are part of the learning process. In fitness, this would probably mean missed workouts, falling off your food plan, or possibly an injury from overdoing it in the gym. Again, this is how we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Learning to use a hammer means bending some nails

As you gain experience with these tools, your ability to use them also improves. The hammer requires less effort to swing. Your cuts with the saw become more precise. Getting to the gym regularly doesn’t require as much thought and planning. Food prep is easier, and your squat technique is starting to feel more natural. This means you are improving!

Over time you may learn that your needs require an upgraded set of tools. A few screwdrivers were enough before, but now an electric drill is a necessity. The training plan you started with to lose 20 pounds worked great, but your new goal of finishing a marathon or entering a powerlifting competition requires a more advanced program.

Keep your “fitness tools” in good condition. Find the most effective ways to use them and regularly add new tools to the box so you can easily complete any “project” that comes your way.