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Instead of tying my self-worth to a number on a scale, I focus on strength goals, progress in my workouts, and assessing whether or not I like what I see in the mirror





Jay was recommended to me by a friend, and I started working with him with the intention of learning everything I needed to know within a few months. It’s been seven years of consistent training and he’s still teaching me new things!

He frequently attends personal training conferences and seminars, and continuously comes up with variations on exercises that I was already familiar with and even the occasional new-to-me exercise. He tailors my workouts to me, taking into consideration my personal goals without letting me fall into the rut of sticking to the same workouts every week.

He is not the kind of trainer who gets in a client’s face and barks commands to perform a series of “pointless but exhausting” exercises; he walks through goals with and crafts workouts that will achieve those goals. He demonstrates an extensive knowledge of how the human body is built and functions in order to explain each exercise’s purpose.

I find myself looking forward to each session, where I am eager to do more pull-ups or lift more weight than before, and above all, I know that I will do it safely.

I’m no longer the feeble-looking girl that needs help carrying her groceries; I’m now the girl that coworkers call to change the jug on the water cooler or help carry packages.

I have gained an immense amount of confidence over the past seven years. Strangers complimenting my physique has helped, and Jay convinced me long ago to ditch the scale. Instead of basing my self-worth on a number, I focus on strength goals, progress in my workouts, and assessing whether or not I like what I see in the mirror. I can assuredly say that I finally do! – Jenn

April 14, 2018


From Jason, a personal training client


October 3, 2017


From injured to losing weight, and now gaining muscle, Alexandra tells her story and why she keeps training.



March 24, 2017
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