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23 May

While it is important to regularly make it a priority in our lives, exercise alone will only take us so far. It is completely possible to achieve weight loss results WITHOUT EXERCISE. Nutrition, rest, recovery, and stress management are more important if you are serious about real results.


affects appetite, energy, mood and more. If you are eating too little, too much, or lots of junk food, chances are you aren’t feeling at your best.  If nutrition is in good shape you feel better, have more energy, and an easier time concentrating. This makes both training and following a nutrition plan easier. Also, the caloric deficit needed for weight loss is much easier to achieve with small adjustments to food intake versus spending hours exercising. If you want results, don’t ignore nutrition! It doesn’t have to be “perfect” or super bland to get results.


When was the last time you were able to put in a good workout while exhausted?  If you’re tired and run down from exercise and everything else life throws at you, your workouts will suffer. When you’re well rested, you have more energy and better ability to focus, which makes for better training and an easier time following a nutrition plan.

Stress Management & Recovery

Exercise is a form of stress. It can be beneficial if used correctly, but too much, along with the other stressful stuff, can be a problem. For the body to make progress and get better, we have to reduce or remove stress sometimes.

More is not always better. Give yourself time to rest and recover. Sleep, get a massage, and just generally relax every now and then. Your body with thank you for it!

Exercise is a small part of a much bigger picture. You’ll be more likely to have lasting success by focusing on these areas instead of trying to exercise more or harder.